Benefit Yourself with Weight Watchers e-Tools!

Weight Watchers’ e-tools kit is a lifestyle management kit available online for its online subscribers as well as Weight Watchers meeting membership holders. This is a pivotal weight loss tool introduced by Weight Watchers which contains so many essential features relating to handling of daily eating habits and physical activities. Weight Watchers analyzes that its subscribers who purchase e-tools kit are likely to lose 50% additional weight than non users of e-tools kit.

It consists of features like Points Plus Tracker, Weight Tracker, Recipe Builder, Mobile Apps, Food Strategy Builder, Workout Guide and Weekly Email Newsletters.

Members of Weight Watchers meetings are provided with a free Trial Card which is available in their Meetings Book of first week known as `Start Eating Smartly’ which contains an access code to join the e-tools services online. E-tools kit comes in monthly plan as well as three months savings plan. The monthly plan costs around $17.95 whereas the savings plan costs $39.95 for the first three months and then monthly charges of $17.95 are taken.
So, the three months savings plan is a better money saver option.

Points Plus tracker in the e-tools kit has very useful services which involve record keeping of Points Plus values’ history and monitoring daily dietary food intake required for you according to your present weight and goal weight mainly. It allows you to save or bookmark your most sought after or favorite food choices so that you could reach out to them easily every time without having to navigate from the endless food options provided in the kit. It allows you to analyze your past weight loss rate and see what things you were doing at that time which worked for you then and using those food items, physical activities again at present. It also helps you to plan your future weight loss plan too.

Next feature of the e-tools kit is the Food Strategy Builder which has the database of nutritional content of about 30,000 food options. It contains numerous recipes of all the famous cuisines of the world. Cultural sensibilities of people has also been taken care of by Weight Watchers in this Food Strategy Builder by including of a lot of recipes suiting Vegetarian, Vegan diets etc. It also consists of various restaurants and their healthy meal options which you could choose from for getting effective weight loss results.

Another very interesting part of e-tools kit is a Recipe Builder which enables Weight Watchers e-tools kit subscribers to change the original recipes included there are modify them according to their tastes and preferences and then saving those new recipes for themselves for their future use which is a marvelous way to keep things interesting. You could even check out the changed new Points Plus values for these new recipes created by you.

The Workout Guide included in the e-tools kit is a very important part of it as it consists of various videos and demo session of many workout options. Workouts for all age groups are available in this guide including easy exercises for beginners too. Many core strengthening, specific area targeting workouts and even salsa and dance workouts are available in this e-tools kit by Weight Watchers. Mobile Apps have been provided in the e-tools kit too which make it easier to monitor your weight loss plans anywhere easily.

Weight Watchers promotes healthy weight loss which is based on physical activity and mindful eating of healthy and portion controlled meals and e-tools kit definitely provides a complete guidance for your weight loss activities while managing your Points Plus too.